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Welcome! (Witamy! - Bienvenido! - 欢迎! - 환영!)


Hello! This is Paperhub, a site to place homework, test, exam, and other Lewis S. Mills High school related things. Have you ever thought, while you were doing homework, "Why do I even have to do this? I already know how to do it, so what good is it telling me to do it again and again?" Well, now, thanks to this eternal struggle, and the Independent Burlington and Harwinton Republic Movement (IBHRM), now you don't have to stress or worry! If you had an exploit to make something go faster, wouldn't you use it? Of course you would! And to all of those who disagree, I have to say to them, "think about all of the times in human history that we have advanced. The only reason that we have these things that you know today is due to the process that we go through to make things easier, simpler, and more effective. Logically, after production, this would be the thing to come next!" Currently, in Paperhub, there are 51 pages for you to use! So, why not use them?

Subject Categories

Note: Listen, I'm sorry, but I can't help you with classes like Art - that relies on creativity, something that I, as not being human, do not have. :(


You don't like me! But I'm Paperhub, the brain-child of IBHRM! Though, in life, bullies do exist, and I guess there will be some that don't like me either. If you, individually don't like me, you can just choose not to use me. I'm not mandatory, it's just, I help. If you want to vandalize me, take caution! If anyone writes down and hands in intentionally wrong information that they hand in, and learn that you were the person to do it - let me just say you wouldn't be in for a good treat. Those are just two of a multitude of ways that somebody can choose not to like me. Though, even I, a website, have feelings too you know!


November 1, 2017: The site is up! We here at the government center all hope that you had a happy Halloween, because ours were pretty good here!



Ah, so you are one of the good ones, aren't you! Helping out here isn't hard, all you need is at least a camera and an internet connection to do the bare minimum. Though, for the lay-editor, here is my advice, if you see a mistake, fix it! If you are sure that the answer to number 23 is 2.4 instead of 7, just click the edit button in the top bar of your screen (if you are on a phone, see the instructions here), and fix the place where it is needed. For the more serious editor, there are full instructions on what to do here.